Welcome to Myrtle Beach Live Sound Production
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♪ Making the World Sound Better...One Show at a Time ♪

Providing the gear YOU want...not whats on hand.

~ Live Sound Production ♫ Live Recording ♫ Studio Recording ♫ Mixing & Mastering ~

   Now Offering You the Gear you want - not what the sound company has on hand.  The gear YOU want!!! (under Annual contract) 
   Serving the East coast for years, Able to Tour/Travel 
Serving Regional and Local Live Bands and Venue's. Front of House Pa Equipment, Stage Monitors, Lights, Sound Engineer, Backline.

  Private Parties, I
ndoor/Outdoor Events, Festivals,  Corporate Events, Major Night Clubs. Live or Studio Recording available. 

Click here to Donate for Charities Only! I do a lot of benefits for Different Charities throughout the year, So this makes it easier to do so.
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